The Sounds and Steps (forward) of The Cleveland Orchestra.

Posted on August 01 2019

Last year The Cleveland Orchestra celebrated its 100th birthday.

And for those 100 years (now 101!), The Cleveland Orchestra has been praised by many; even called "one of the finest ensembles in the nation and the world" by the New York Times.

TCO is known for its grace, modesty, and professionalism. As Gary Hansen, a former executive director of TCO, explained to NYT, "the quality of the performances is always supposed to be the loudest voice"... that is definitely something for Clevelanders to be proud of. 

Last year the The Cleveland Orchestra's Centennial was celebrated by a partnership between TCO and us (CLE!). This year, the partnership continues!

Like CLE, TCO's Director of Customer Experience, Robert Phillips, believes wholeheartedly in bringing Cleveland "passion and heart to the masses in creative and engaging ways". TCO knows combining their talents with CLE apparel is the perfect way to do this. 

In a continuation of last years centennial partnership, we are celebrating both TCO locations: Severence Hall and Blossom Music Center. So we have created apparel specific to each!

Multiple designs, shapes, sizes and colors honor The Orchestra's home, Severance Hall.



While The Orchestra's outdoor stage, Blossom Music Center, now has some merch of its own.

Find even more TCO x CLE designs, colors and items online on TCO's website,

                                  where they can all be purchased by clicking HERE.

Starting next weekend, The CLE Baton tee will be available online, & at our Downtown & Uptown locations. The Blossom Sunset Tee will be available online & at our Summit location!

Don't worry, we'll remind you when they're released with an Instagram post... make sure you're following us . But just in case you cant WAIT to get your hands on the merch, check out TCO today.

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