Celebrate to the Beat to Your Own Drum | Meet John Adams THE Cleveland Indians Drummer!

Posted on June 20 2019

Clevelanders are the best, am I right? 

John Adams, the legendary Indians drummer, is a perfect example of the BOOMING pride that embodies Cleveland. 

John Adams has been celebrating to the beat of his own drum since 1973 when he first brought his bass drum to the bleachers section of an Indians game. If you've ever been to an Indians game and found yourself clapping to the 'boom, boom' beat with the crowd, it was probably John Adams who started it. 

So for those of you who idolize Cleveland-proud John Adams as much as we do here at CLE Clothing Co., it's your lucky day. Last year John visited our Downtown CLE Store to sign autographs and take some photos. This weekend... he's coming back. There will be John Adams shirts, bobbleheads, and a whole variety of Cleveland gear you won't want to pass up. 


Come on by this Saturday, June 22, from 1-3 pm before the game against Detroit. Don't miss out on the chance to meet a Cleveland legend. 

We should all share our Cleveland pride like John Adams does. Whether that's by banging our own drum or sporting a CLE t-shirt, let's show our love for the greatest city in the world. 

***Saturday, June 22, from 1-3 pm: John Adams Autograph Celebration @ Downtown CLE Store, E4th Street, 342 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

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